i love recommendations

I spent the last week in North Idaho for a story, now on my way to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill for a different story, and want to take a break from the monotony of endless transcription for a few links and a few oddball recommendations.

I don’t understand the mechanics of why I like reading other people’s recs so much. I rarely follow them, or buy what’s advised. Maybe it’s that I like reading people talk about what does and does not work, which then, later, influences my decision — or maybe I just find recommendations somehow reflective of different personalities, different ways of being in the world. Either way: I like them the best when they’re super banal or super specific, so that’s what I’m going to try and offer below. Also: things that suck. All in totally random order.

  • Instagram-influenced purchase I regret most: Brooklinen sheets

  • Instagram-influenced purchase I regret not at all: The Summersalt Sidestroke

  • Best Recent Book If You Like Crusty Self-Reflective WASPs from Maine: Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout

  • Best Recent Book If You Like Episodic Interwoven Narrative Set In A Place You (Very Likely) Didn’t Even Know Existed: Disappearing Earth, from Julia Phillips

  • Best Recent Show For When There’s No More Law & Order SVU: Mindhunter

  • Product That Made Me Stop Disliking Glossier on Principle: This exact combo

  • The Dry Shampoo That Really Works for My Fine Blonde Hair That I Wash Once a Week: Aveda (Dry) Shampure

  • The Cool Kid Suitcase I Found Pretty Meh: Away

  • The One Thing Keep My Couches In Shape: This Fuzz Remover

  • The Carry-On Weekender-Bag I Swear By: Hershel Strand

  • The Expensive-Looking But Not Actually Expensive Lamp Everyone Always Asks Me About

  • The Hoodie That’s Legitimately Warm and Very Flattering and Has Lasted Hundreds of Washes: Scuba Light Cotton Fleece

  • Apps On My Phone That Make Reading and Keeping Up With the News Less Bonkers-Making: Pocket and Nuzzel

  • Best Website to Book Hotels If You Do A Lot of Hotel-Booking: Hotels.com (You accumulate a free night for every 10!)

  • Instagram Accounts That Give Me Great Joy: HeyLadies and Wolfgang

  • Service That Algorithmically Subtracts Small Amounts of Money From Your Bank Account and is FDIC Insured And Made Me Save for Down Payments for a Car and a House: Digit

  • The Detergent That Actually Makes Your Exercise Clothes Not Reek And Trust Me I’ve Tried A Lot: Zero Odor

  • Favorite Newish Cookbook With Recipes I Actually Make: Dinner, Changing the Game

  • Favorite Fall Smitten Kitchen Recipe: Here

  • Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup Hack: Adding Parsnips

  • The Planner I Use Obsessively: Leuchtturm1917 Medium *Week* (Not Weekly) Planner

  • The Fancy Dogfood I Can Afford Because I Don’t Have Children And Makes The Dogs’ Fur So Lustrous: Orijen

  • The Service I Use to Turn My Instagrams Into Overpriced Little Magnets That I Really Love: Social Print Studio

  • The Place to Go For Real Recommendations: Wirecutter

Things I Read and Loved This Week:

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