that's a first draft

That’s the first draft of the book, just submitted. I’m leaving the country and the internet for the next two weeks, but I wanted to thank all of you who contributed to this in some way —  by filling out the various burn out surveys, or sending me articles of note, or telling me about your own understanding of your parents’ workaholism. You’ve already made it better, and I truly mean that.

So here’s a few things I’ve read and loved this week — please send me what you read and love over the next two weeks, I can come back to a trove.

If you know someone who’d like this sort of thing in their inbox every week-ish, forward it their way. Otherwise, take some time during this last gasp of summer to resist burnout culture: stare at the wall, lay in the grass, take a walk without your phone, or do nothing, truly nothing, at all.