Nov 27, 2023 • 3M

Introducing the Culture Study Podcast

Everything is interesting!

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A podcast about the culture that surrounds you — with Anne Helen Petersen and a bunch of very smart co-hosts
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It's here! Read on to learn all about the brand new CULTURE STUDY PODCAST and how to subscribe: -

Friends! I am so thrilled to introduce THE CULTURE STUDY PODCAST.

It’s like the Culture Study newsletter….but more esoteric, more casual, and (most of the time) a lot more funny. The format is pretty simple. We’re going to take the Culture Study ethos of everything is interesting and turn it on various cultural phenomena that beguile and annoy and fascinate and infuriate us.

Like: why are clothes LIKE THIS right now?

Or: what is the deal with F1?

Or even: why is the Paw Patrol theme song *that* bad?

Every week, a smart and knowledgable co-host will help me answer your questions about these cultural objects, trends, and mysteries.

You can find the Culture Study Podcast wherever you get your podcasts — and you can also listen to it right here on Substack. (Sign up below to get notifications for new episodes, transcripts, and calls for questions for upcoming episodes).

But you can also become a paid subscriber, which comes with perks:


  • Sprawling weekly discussion threads for each episode (if you already subscribe to the Culture Study Newsletter, you know these are going to be great)

  • A *priority* subscriber-only Google Form for your questions and future episode suggestions

  • Access to the bonus “Ask AHP Anything” section at the end of each episode

How Much Does a Subscription Cost?

  • If you already subscribe to Culture Study: $3 a month/$30 a year (current subscribers, check your email or the Substack app for “Culture Study Podcast Promo” to get the link; new subscribers will get access to the promo link after they subscribe)

  • If you just want to subscribe to the podcast: $5 a month/$50 a year

What Does That Subscription Pay For?

  • Culture Study’s EDITOR, PRODUCER, AND CO-CREATOR Melody Rowell! I wanted to create a profit-sharing scenario where Melody — who is just as instrumental to this show’s success as I am — would also benefit equally from it. We’re sharing all proceeds 50/50 and will continue to do so as the show grows. Melody schedules guests, sifts through questions, helps with audio set-ups, drafts scripts, collects voice memos, makes people feel comfortable and most importantly: edits the show to make it listenable and smart and compelling.

  • As soon as the podcast starts making money, we’re going to start paying guests for their time and labor — the goal is $500 an episode. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to that goal!

  • If a podcast seems like it doesn’t take a lot of work, that’s usually because it TAKES A LOT OF WORK. Dozens of people work on a podcast like The Daily. Their salaries are covered by a combination of ads and subscriptions. So we’re going to give that a try, only with the option to totally forgo ads (and get a lot of other good stuff) when you subscribe.

Can I Talk To You About Advertising?

We’d love that. We won’t accept advertising from any shady companies or anything even remotely related to diet-culture or TERF-ism or Trumpism or bigotry broadly defined. But if that’s not you, drop us a line at

We *do* accept advertising for smaller stuff, too: maybe you want to get the word out about your newsletter, podcast, or new book, and think the Culture Study audience would be a good fit. Email us! Let’s figure out a reasonable rate!

We Still Need Your Questions for Future Episodes:

Upcoming episodes in need of guiding questions include:

  • Infrastructure (why is it the way it is?? why is it so hard to change?)

  • Kevin Bacon’s Instagram

  • The Mean Girls reboot trailer (and reboots of millennial culture in general)


  • Cold Plunging

  • Conservative Men’s Fashion Trends

  • Online Mom Culture (like those groups freaking out about red dye)

  • Buy Nothing Groups

  • Celebrity’s Weird Philanthropies

  • Athleisure

  • Organization TikTok

  • Veneers

  • Online Shopping / Sales / Why Are They The Way They Are

  • GENERAL ADVICE QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING (we answer these in the bonus section!)

Submit your questions (or ideas for future episodes) here.

And finally, don’t forget to subscribe — either right here or in your podcast app. That way you’ll get the first ep as soon as it drops a week from today. Melody and I can’t wait to go on this podcast journey with you — it’s going to lead us so many weird and hilarious places.