Tuesday Thread: What are you watching? I am personally thrilled for the return of Succession and appointment television (I know others have been watching other Sunday night shows, but…
A perfectly middlebrow movie, one of the best books I've read this year, this week's Just Trust Me
Friday Thread: When did you start reading (or re-start reading) the news? The idea for today’s Friday’s thread comes from Culture Study reader Zachary, who asks: When did you start reading/engaging with the news? What …
"I was trying, in retrospect, to get to the heart of why I was the way I was, and why the Jews around me were the way they were."
Tuesday Thread: Most Perfect Places You've StayedMy friend and I found a cabin with off-season rates to hang out in for the next few days where we can work and relax and stare at the trees, and…
And painting!
Friday Thread: Letting Go I am putting this picture of the tree down the street — taken exactly 51 weeks ago — here in order to will it into happening. This longing for S…
It's work to make friends. It's just as much work to make friends with yourself.
Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking? I’m so sick of winter and I swear I just made pasta e ceci for the tenth time (at least!) this winter (it’s still good, I’ve just had so much of…
The bimonthly Culture Study Recs
Friday Thread: Going Alone I’m thinking through a piece on doing things alone / by yourself / without plans for others to accompany you / however we want to phrase it, and…
Laurel Braitman on writing loss & self