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you are beloved and worthy of rest

Friday Thread: One Dumb Thing That's Made Your Life Less Dumb

Bro Culture and Empire in Decline

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

Too Many Meetings

Friday Thread: What is "company culture"?

Who gets the office, who gets the kitchen table

Tuesday Thread: What are you *watching*?

The Call of The Long Winter

Friday Thread: What piece of writing/music/art best encapsulates your place

The Mom Does It

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (not on the internet)

"People are scared of that word"

Food Work

Tuesday Thread: What You're Reading (On the Internet)

job lock and the debt plot

Friday Thread: Who is failing?

"Our collective courage is flagging and there is no time for that."

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

You Still Need to Have the Conversation

Friday Thread: What is the middle-class?

"Other countries have social safety nets. The U.S. has women."

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (not on the internet)

your attention

it is not going to feel how you want it to feel

Tuesday Thread Pt. 2: Primal Screams, Fears, and Frustrations

Tuesday Thread Pt. 1: Delights & Distractions

email is a failed state. time for a coup.

Friday Thread:

how not to feel like crap right now

Tuesday Thread: What are you *watching*?

how email became work

Friday Thread: What is a "secure" job?

when you realize you're on the wrong side

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (on the internet)

why office workers didn't unionize

Friday Thread: The COVID-Shaped Wedge

there will be no v-shaped recovery from the first female recession

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Listening To?

you're still not working from home

Friday Thread: What's interesting about your state/province/territory?

the ideological banality of #heelsupharris

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (not on the internet)

so much time and none it to grieve

Friday Thread: What Old Internet Do You Miss?

the lifestyle blog voter

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (on the internet)

quarantine grooming

Friday Thread: What's driving QAnon?

the contours of clergy burnout

Inaugural Tuesday Thread: What are You Reading?

as the smoke clears

"may her memory be a revolution"

Burnout Events

Friday Thread: COVID-Sparked Life Changes

how taste gets made

what a strike is for

Friday Thread: Ways to Rest

habituation to horror

vocational awe

Friday Thread: Your town/city/state/country and wtf is going on

living in someone else's Portland narrative

welcome the covid influencer

Tell Me What to Write About

between f**ked and a hard place

how does your ugly garden grow

the glory of the rollcall

Some Personal News: Welcome to Culture Study

deep normalness

taking stock


why the small protests in small towns matter

not a fairytale of productivity

what sort of sacrifice it will demand


authority vacuum

the pandemic is not your vacation

grieving our lives as they once were

act accordingly

i don't know how to make you care about other people

you could call that a burnout cure

redeveloping a relationship

the millennial/gen-z strategy

what a hobby feels like

expands to fill the space it's given

the wages of productivity