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A Feelings Post

Friday Thread: Try a Little Gentleness

The Trouble with White Women

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

The Particular Power of the Lancing Celebrity Profile

Friday Thread: Oh No We Are Going to Talk About Having Kids

The Topography of Wellness

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching???

Themes of a Year (2021)

Friday Thread: What Makes a Good Internet Comment?

“Now, it’s my turn to talk.”

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading (Not on the Internet)

Get Those Sweet Sweet Links

There is No Earning a Holiday Meal

Tuesday Thread: Thanksgiving Best Practices

How Our System Revenges Rest

Friday Thread: Leaning Out

An Academic-Turned-Critic Explains Her Path

Tuesday Thread: Your Favorite Cover, B-Side, Rarity, or Lost Song

You Do Not Need to Sell This Life Today

Friday Thread: Gift Concierge

What It Means to Ride at Any Ability

Tuesday Thread: Your Media Concierge

The Subtle Look and Overwhelming Feel of Today's Misogyny

Friday Thread: What is going on with the resistance to family leave?

That's a Big, Poorly Camouflaged Red Flag

Tuesday Thread: Your Movie Star

"The System is Financially Gaslighting Us"

Friday Thread: Shocking Your 14-Year Old Self

How to Become Your Own Influencer

Belated Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

Sunday Links, We've Got Links

Friday Thread: Most Confident

The Ideological Battlefield of the "Mamasphere"

Tuesday Thread: URBAN LEGENDS

What's That Feeling? Oh, It's Fall Regression

Friday Thread: What is your relationship with being alone?

How to Actually Build a Better Boss

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)???

The Language of Ambiguous Grief

Friday Thread: True Partnership

Blue Marriage and The Terror of Divorce

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

The Worst of Both Work Worlds

Friday Thread: Infinite Recommendations

The Counterintuitive Mechanics of Peloton Addiction


Revenge Bedtime Procrastination


Jesus and John Wayne and Mel Gibson’s William Wallace from the Movie Braveheart

Tuesday Thread: Onscreen Romance

The Myth of the Productive Commute

Friday Meta-Thread: Future Threads

What Got Left Out of LuLaRich

Tuesday Thread: Childhood Television Memories

Against Kids' Sports

Friday Thread: Where to start?

Meet Generation Disaster

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?


Friday Thread: SCAMS

The Final Frontier of the Text Inbox

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)??

A Different Sort of Economy Story

Friday Thread: In Memoriam

From Burnout to Radicalization

Tuesday Thread: Your Favorite Moviegoing Experience

The Problems Solved by Debutantes

Friday Thread: Elder Care + More Finance Questions

The Parameters of Peloton Celebrity

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

One Year

Friday Thread: Heirlooms, Heavy & Cherished

Your Own Harriet

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

"The antidote is always turning deeper towards each other."

Friday Thread: Grieving

You're Still Exhausted

Tuesday Thread: Your Absolute Favorite Non-Fiction

Welcome to Money Advice (For the Rest of Us)

Friday Thread: How to Make Friends

The Master's Trap, Part Three

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

The Master's Trap, Part Two

Friday Thread: Update us on your place

The Master's Trap

Tuesday Thread: Your Favorite Genre Reads

What It Feels Like to Lose Your Favorite Season

Friday Thread: Stereotypes + Where is my midweek newsletter?

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

Who’s Afraid of the Four Day Work Week?

Friday Thread: 3 Changes

We've Got Links

"Part of owning my own brand also means owning my age"

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)??

"Nobody is owed forgiveness"

Friday Thread: Your finance questions

Unpacking the Nap Dress

Tuesday Thread: What first made you *feel things*

Towards a Unified Theory of Peloton

Friday Thread: Untaught History

"Eating disorders are for white girls."

Tuesday Thread: Which show is (or is not) worth revisiting?

The Back to the Office Maximum

Friday Thread: An Animal You Think About A LOT

"This is de facto segregation. It’s not mandated by racist laws like those that existed prior to the 1950s. But it’s a segregated reality."

Tuesday Thread: The Sound & Look of Summer

"I never dreamed of owning anything."

Friday Thread: Pride

Belated Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

Just because your early career was hell doesn't mean others' has to be

Friday Thread: Your Ideal Aging Scenario

The Millennial Vernacular of Getting Swole

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

The Millennial Vernacular of Fatphobia

Friday Thread: Return of Advice Time

Belated Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)??

The Soft Power Brokers of Classic Hollywood

The Familect of Culture Study

Friday Thread: What is rest?

The Shopping Cure

Tuesday Thread: Your Clothing MVP

Not a Crisis, But a Reckoning

Friday Thread: What work would you do if your industry was required to treat you with respect?

"In reality TV defined by renovation, the self becomes settled."

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

That's What the Money Is For

"I’m giving myself permission to want a thing that I’m apparently not supposed to want."

spring link-up

Friday Thread: Post-Grad Trajectory and What Made It Possible

The 'Capitalism is Broken' Economy

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

Subscribers Only: How to Access Sidechannel

No One Told Me Being Middle Class Meant Wearing My Retainer Forever

Friday Thread: Explain the United States

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking? [And an announcement!]

Against “Feel Free To Take Some Time If You Need It"

Friday Thread: Your Car Story

I Regret to Inform You I Have Once Again Written About The Baylor Influencer Twins

Tuesday Thread: Your Favorite Place to Travel

behind the scenes of a 5000 word draft

Friday Thread: Advice Time

The Future of Remote Work is the Opposite of Lonely

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)???

a loose essay in figures

Friday Thread: What ill-conceived and rash decision turned out the best for you?

"The food movement became the wellness culture, which is just diet culture rebranded by Gwyneth Paltrow."

Tuesday Thread: Who's your most interesting family member?

what demoralization does to teachers

Friday Thread: What ran in your family until it ran into you?

A Changing Same

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Watching?

consider the quasi-commune

Friday Thread: Educational Regrets

"I just think the idea of being young and carefree no longer applies to our current reality. I feel old and weary."

Tuesday Thread: What specific food item has carried you through the pandemic?

The Anti-Church of Glennon Doyle

Friday Meta-Thread: What prompt do you want for a Friday Thread?

No I'm Not Ready

Tuesday Thread: What Classic Movie Would You Recommend to Absolutely Anyone

Imagine Your Flexible Office Work Future

Friday Thread: What have you changed your mind about?

apparently it’s not enough for 45 million people to know this

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

The Pretendians

Friday Thread: Weird Neighbors

Two Guys from Montana Choppin’ It Up

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

Britney Should Get Ten Hours

Friday Thread: Your Gathering

The Great Unbundling

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)???

Thirteen Years & Three Months of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen

Friday Thread: When and how did you realize that money makes money?

the diminishing returns of productivity culture

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

gaming, in kids' own words

Friday Thread: What are you (working on) letting go?

Tuesday Thread: Who are you following?

The Secret to Getting a Vaccine Appointment

Friday Thread: Which celebrity is living rent-free in your mind?

Wednesday Thread: What are you reading *on the internet*

"Parents deserve so much more when it comes to the ways video games are discussed in our popular media."

The Errand Friend

Friday Thread: Small Acts

"We bumped elbows as he was leaving. That is the sum total of physical contact I've had with any human being since March 4th."

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

what it means to pandemic, solo

Friday Thread: How to Resist Productivity Culture

How to Work Through a Coup

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)?

is it a resolution or is it capitalism

Friday Thread: Small Hopes