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Friday Thread: Thank God It's Advice Time

The Problems of Modern Philanthropy

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching, what's good, what's weird, what's missable?

One Significant Adult

Friday Thread: Your Moral Educator

The Absorption Vacation

Tuesday Thread: Recipe & Cookbook Concierge

The Dolls of Our Lives

Friday Thread: Low-Key Brags

The Root of Over-Meeting Culture

Tuesday Thread: About Time for WHAT ARE YOU READING

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Friday Thread: What's Hard and Heavy About These Months?

Big Future Garden Energy

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Gifts and Links and Gifts and Links and Gifts and Links and Gifts and Links

Let's Go Community Shopping

Tuesday Thread: Perfect Staple Clothes

The Cost of Free Land

Friday Thread: Questions You Wish You Could Ask Previous Owners/Builders of Your Home

You Only Like the Beginning of Things

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

How I've Changed My Thinking About Burnout

Friday Thread: Typologies


A Deep Dive Into #RushTok Fashion

Tuesday Thread: Podcast Concierge

The Friendship Dip

Friday Thread: Narratives for Getting Older

Butts: A Backstory

Tuesday Thread: Sounds Like Fall

A Glorious Full Fall Day of Links and Recs


A Different Way to Think About Student Success

Classifieds, Culture Study Style

Are You In The Portal?

Friday Thread: What's Your Job's Problem?

Garden Study Thread: BULBS

There is Nothing Magical About Forgiveness

Tuesday Thread: How Has Your Internet Changed?

How Millennials Grew Up and Got Old

Friday Thread: Things That Make You Feel Old

Appreciation Post: Begonias

The Rise, Fall, and Remaking of the #GirlBoss

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching??

Taylor Swift Likes to Work

Friday Thread: The Best Sacrifice You Ever Made

Montana Cottagecore in Zone 4/5

"Am I A Classhole?"


Links Up and Down and Around and Around

Friday Thread: Your Anxiety Dream

Putting the Garden to Bed

Community Roadblocks

Tuesday Thread: What Game Are You Playing?

“American Motherhood Felt Like That: Like a Plan Devised by Men.”

Friday Thread: Coolest, Weirdest, Best Hobbies

"There is no trauma in my garden"

How to Kid-Proof Your Friendship

Tuesday Thread: A Book That's Changed You

The Value of a Polaroid Summer

Friday Thread: *Future* Friday Threads

Cutting Back + Powdery Mildew Patrol

The Specific Catharsis of 'That Guy"

Tuesday Thread: What are you drinking?

The New Out-of-State Recruit

Friday Thread: What Made You Change Your Mind?

How to Chaos Garden

#TradWife Life as Self-Annihilation

Tuesday Thread: What in the world are you watching???

An Infinity Pool of Links & Rec


Your Garden Gear

The Sterile World of Infinite Choice

Tuesday Thread: Your VHS Tapes

Pretty White Moms in Their Pretty White Houses

Friday Thread: Absolutely Dreadful

Crappy Gravelscaping & Rescuing Plants from Demo Zones

That's a Rich Text

Tuesday Thread: Immaculate Condiments

Culture Study Meets Bama RushTok

Friday Thread: What does it mean to be happy?

Approximately One Billion Things I Learned About Growing Dahlias This Year

Three Years

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

A Different Way to Think About Screentime

Friday Thread: A Different Conversation about Renting

A Less Judgy Route to Native Plant Gardening

The Particular Pleasure of the Internet Rec

Tuesday Thread: Purchase That Was Going To Solve All Your Problems (And Didn't)

Doggish Days of Summer Links & Recs

Friday Thread: Simplest Pleasures

Container Gardening Explained, Pt. 2

The Workday "Dead Zone" is a Fake Problem

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Reading?

Where's My Rest Badge?

Friday Thread: How You Want to Be Parented

The Practiced Patience of Gardening with Kids

Tuesday-ish Thread: What To Watch Concierge

Barbie Answers Oppenheimer

What Community Do You Have, What Community is Missing?

Friday Thread: Your Childless Experience

Garden Mistakes Were Made

How Your House Makes You Miserable

Tuesday Thread: Culture Study Thread Rec You've Loved


Friday Thread: Divorce Feelings

The Glory of Square Foot Gardening

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

The Thread Vibes Are Off

Hot and Summery Links & Recs

Friday Thread: Your Ideas About "Hard Work"

Consider the Ornamental Grass

The Fascinating History of Feminist Restaurants

Friday Thread: Pivots

Container Gardening Explained, Pt. 1

Bed Rotting and Loud Quitting

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading?!?

Welcome to Garden Study

Friday Thread: Mundane Errands You Low-Key Love

Moby Dyke

Tuesday Thread: Music Concierge

Get Ready for Some Real Fibroid Talk

Friday Thread: Your Favorite (Family) Photo

Memoir of a Broken Safety Net

Tuesday Thread: What Are You Watching?

An Ever-Expanding Oasis of Links and Recs

Friday Thread: Your Favorite Part About Being Queer

This Will Change the Way You Think About Ambition

Tuesday Thread: The Unoptimizable

Hometown's Finest

You or Someone You Love

The Optimization Sinkhole

Friday Thread: What's Essential to Your Living Space?

Beauty Culture is Hustle Culture

Tuesday Thread: The Best Song of the Summer

A Largesse of Links & Recs


How Do We Think Beyond Our Own Existence?

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading?

This is Not Just a Post About Dog Grief

The Worst, Worst Week

Getting Rid of "You Should Be Grateful"

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

How to Decline

Friday Thread: What is your brain working on?

How to Have the Fat Talk

Tuesday Thread: A Kitchen Implement/Trick That's Actually Changed Your Cooking Life

What Fandom's "Found Families" Tell Us About Our Hunger for Community

Friday Thread: How Do You Understand the Economy?

The Wages of Overwork

Tuesday Thread: Regional Food Delights


Friday Thread: Specific Care Advice

How to Write an Email

Tuesday Thread: What Game(s) Are You Playing?

A Veritable Cornucopia of Links & Recs

Friday Thread: Ideas for Future Newsletters

No Seriously, What is Intelligence?

Tuesday Thread: Book Concierge

You'd Be Happier Living Closer to Friends. Why Don't You?

Friday Thread: How Do You Meet People (Romantically) IRL?

Why Are (White) Men So Unambitious?

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

A True Bounty of Recs & Links

Friday Thread: When did you start reading (or re-start reading) the news?

The Jews of Summer

Tuesday Thread: Most Perfect Places You've Stayed

What It Actually Takes to Make a Living Making Jewelry

Friday Thread: Letting Go

Ms. Petersen Went Up the Mountain Herself

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

To Read, To Try, To Revisit, To Actually Watch

Friday Thread: Going Alone

"You can only write at the speed of your own self-awareness."

Tuesday Thread: Characters Who Shaped You

Got That Coffee Klatch Invite

Friday Thread: The Pettiest Thing You've Ever Done

What Teachers Really Think About All Those Spirit Days

Tuesday Thread: What 2022-2023 Movies Have You Seen?

Sick Week, New Look


The Tyranny of Faux Self-Care

Tuesday Thread: The Triumphant Return of What Are You Reading??

The Work is Not Enough

Friday Thread: A Person You Love

Trickle-Down Agriculture

Tuesday Thread: What would you tell your younger self about love?

Is Everything an MLM?

Friday Thread: Good Jobs

An Interview with a Living Vampire

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

The Anxious Style of American Parenting

Friday Thread: Organizing/Smoothing/Simplifying Your Online Life

A Different Way to Think About “Quarterlife”

Tuesday Thread: The First Great Song You Chose on Your Own

Get Your Hot Hot Links!!!

Friday Thread: A Childhood Artifact

Layoff Brain

Tuesday Thread: The Case for the Most '90s Movie EVER

The Wondrous World of Escape Room Design

Friday Thread: Caregiving

Culture Study Challenge: One Small Community Thing

Tuesday Thread: Podcast Concierge

When Did Fitness Become a Luxury Item?

Friday Thread: All the Places We Live

What You Don't Know About the HarperCollins Strike

Tuesday Thread: Reads Outside Your Norm

Archiving Your Teen Self

Friday Thread: Recs No One Asked For

Gentrification is Inevitable (and Other Lies)

Tuesday Thread: Songs to Stare at the Ceiling To

The Week to Nowhere + New Year, New Links