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Friday Thread: Lost & Found of 2022

Unruly Sainthood

Friday Thread: Untraditional Traditions

Screaming on the Inside

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching (and what should you watch this coming week?)

Themes of a Year (2022)

Friday Thread: What kind of friend are you?

You Don't Need To Get Married or Have a Kid To Have a Party

Tuesday Thread: Your Go-To Quick-Fix Meal

Thinking Through "Time Spent Alone"


There are Stories in the Data!

Tuesday Thread: WHAT ARE YOU READING?? (Plus Belated Sunday Links!)

Reading is Important to Me and I Will Prove It

Friday Thread: Perfectionism, Ambition, Achievement

What Would a Beloved Economy Look Like?

Tuesday Thread: Gift Concierge

Links and Gifts and Gifts and Links and and and

Tuesday Thread: What are you creating/hobbying, broadly defined?

Who Gets "Quality" Leisure?

Friday Thread: What's the best thing about your specific age?

How Did We Get So Obsessed with Streaks?

Tuesday Thread: Aspirational and Nostalgic SNAX

A Shortcut for Caring for Others (and Being Cared For Yourself)

Friday Thread: What keeps you from asking for help?

"It isn’t old fashioned or outmoded. It is vital. It is indispensable."

A Theory of Sprawling Holidays

Friday Thread: Filters Wanted

Running While Black

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)?

The Pattern of Pretendianism


How an Idea Becomes a Podcast

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

Brad Pitt and the Stink of Sad Smut

Friday Thread: What Did & Does a Babysitter Cost, What Did/Do They Do, Why Does it Matter?

Why Are Bosses So Miserable?

Tuesday Thread: Scary Not Scary Movies

"Academia Gives Me Hope"

Friday Thread: Your Dream Name

The Diminishing Returns of Calendar Culture


There is No Timeline to Grief

Thinking Through the Calendar

Belated Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

When Music is Torture

Friday Thread: WTF is this Resistance to Care Infrastructure

Pressing the Bruise

Tuesday Thread: Childhood Material Culture

Olivia and Harry and Angelina and Liz


Are Kids' Sports Reformable?

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)?

Whole Lotta Links

Friday Thread: Severing Digital Ties

“Sexuality education is a form of social justice education”

Tuesday Thread: Your Sex Education

Queering Sex Ed

Friday Thread: State of the Relationship(s)

"Leave before there is nothing left to leave."

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

"Every single day I wake up filled."

Friday Thread: Make Your Case for the Best and Worst Micro-Season of the Year

Wealth is the Missing Piece

Tuesday Thread: What are you making/crafting/creating, very broadly defined?

A little bit of patience

Friday Thread: What is family wealth?

The Beginnings of Student Debt Jubilee

Tuesday Thread: Card Games & Assorted Memories

A Quick Note on 'Quiet Quitting'

What to Actually Do About an Unequal Partnership

Tuesday Thread: PUMP UP SONGS

Two Years

Friday Thread: Buying Things

Inside the Complex "Social Lab" of PE Class

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)?

Links 'Til The Cows Come Home

Friday Thread: Kindness to Your Childhood Self

Ask a Divorced Person

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

The Solace, Despair, and Disinformation of Long Covid Internet Communities

Friday Thread: What happened to your hometown(s)?

The Quiet Glory of Aging into Athleticism

Tuesday Thread: Teen Heartthrob Edition

"This country isn’t made for us, even though it’s built on our land."

Friday Thread: Alternative Universe You

How to Show Up For Your Friends Without Kids — and How to Show Up For Kids and Their Parents

Tuesday Thread: What are you listening to?

Inside the Mind-Boggling World of the Antiquities Theft Task Force

Friday Thread: How You Care for Your Friends Who Aren't Parents

Tuesday Thread: How You Became Important to Someone Else's Kid

"Raising children is not an individual responsibility. It is a social one."

Friday Thread: Your Favorite Street

So You've Decided to Bungle Your Company's Flexible Work Plan

Tuesday Thread: All Your Questions and Answers and Favorite and Most Surprising Parts About the Culture Study Discord

Endless Summer, Endless Links

Friday Thread: Your Crappiest or Best Experience with Bureaucracy

Where can you talk about ~mom stuff~ that isn't Facebook?

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading?!? (not on the internet)

Your State Will Not Save You

Friday Thread: Future Friday Threads

Why don’t politicos look like the rest of us?

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking???

The Case for Lunch

Friday Thread: Your Sublime Outdoor Place

"My dude, who do you think the working class is?"

Budget Culture and the Dave Ramseyfication of Money

Friday Thread: The look and feel of a healthy democracy

What if you got to write the sort of books you were desperate for as a teen?

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

A House Story

Friday Thread: Home Tricks & Tips & Hacks

That's a Stress Response

Tuesday Thread: Fav Summer Reads

Ask AHP Anything

Friday Thread: A Space to Grieve

This is What Happens When You Live Under Minority Rule

Tuesday Thread: What are you making/crafting/creating, very broadly defined?

The Normalization of "Working Through Covid"

Friday Thread: The Source of (American?) Ambition

“Don’t Get Chicked”

Belated Tuesday Thread: Your Wild Travel Story

Mega Super Links

Friday Thread: Collectables

“Identity isn’t a passport into a community”

Tuesday Thread: Your Comfort Watch

Houseplants as a Means of Black Joy and Queer Resistance

Friday Thread: What are you listening to?

"Taste Hierarchies Like These Stink"

Tuesday Thread: Why Abortion Matters

The Librarians Are Not Okay

Friday Post: Body Feelings

"The Body is Trustworthy"

Tuesday Thread: Fat Representation

On Loving a Company That Doesn't Know How to Love Me Back

Friday Thread: Return of Advice Time

How do we build a new understanding of what constitutes “good” sex?

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading?? (Not on the internet)

The Expanding Job

Friday Thread: What Would An Assistant Do?

Culture Study is Hiring!

The Secrets of the Plant People

Friday Thread: Your Beloved Furniture

The Feast of Severance

Tuesday Thread: Podcast Concierge

Links to Infinity and Beyond

Friday Thread: Time Regrets

What Does an Infrastructure of Care Actually Look Like?

Tuesday Thread: What are you cooking?

Forced to Care

Friday Thread: Teen You on TikTok

"This is More Severe Than a Vibe Shift"

Tuesday Thread: Your 2021 Movie

The Past and Potential Future of the Summer Care Scramble

Friday Thread: Nemesis, Earned and Otherwise

What If This Is Just the Way Things Are Now

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

A Case of Zoom Dysmorphia

Friday Thread: The Particulars of Your Place

Tuesday Thread: Your First Music Video

The Age of Houseplants

Friday Thread: Irrational and Rational Brand Loyalty

"We Are More Than a Lesson"

Tuesday Thread: Your Indoor Plant Story

Links as Far As the Eye Can See

Friday Thread: Listening

The RomCom is Dead, Long Live the RomCom

Take Over Culture Study for a Week

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)??

Welcome to Colonoscopy Land

Friday Thread: What you actually *did* understand when you got older

The Horror, The Horror of the Peloton Not-Even-Plateau

Tuesday Thread: Who Are You Following?

This Party Sucks, Why Haven't We Left

Friday Thread: What Non-Fiction Would You Write?

The Edenic Allure of Ballerinafarm

Belated Tuesday Thread: Your Inherited Recipe

The Baylor Influencer Twin Sex-Positive Glow-Up

Friday Thread: Your Favorite Part of Getting Older

"What joy it is to be open-hearted, with all its misery. What devastation not to be."

Tuesday Thread: A Perfect Album

January Link-a-saurus

Friday Thread: Tell us about your (chosen) family

What You Don't Know About Family Estrangement

Tuesday Thread: What are you watching?

The Rot of Candy Crush and The Rest of Wordle

Friday Thread: Return of ADVICE TIME

Tuesday Thread: What are you reading (not on the internet)???

Why No One Can Hear Parents Screaming

Friday Thread: How did you find your person?

Tuesday Thread: Your Online Community, Past or Present

How to Build a Rugged, Resilient Society

Friday Thread: What (smallish) change would have (largeish) effects on your quality of life?

"I had been hating my body like it was a job for years and I wasn’t happier, healthier, or thinner. I was just…tired."

Tuesday Thread: What [INSERT MEDIA/FOOD/LIFE ITEM HERE] are you excited about this year?

New Year New Links